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Why The Right Hand Ring?

The 21st century has brought many changes to the way we live. The modern way of living with instant communication and blackberrys, facebook and twitter. One aspect of everyday life and tradition is also changing, with the introduction of the Right-Hand Ring. The Right-Hand ring is completely different and the concept is generating new interest from independent women to the idea of wearing diamonds on their right hand, and as new designs and unique styles become available, new looks and fashion will evolve. You should be able to differentiate the style of the Right-Hand Ring from the typical cocktail rings from years past. The new Diamond Right Hand Ring sets a different course!!!!

Right hand rings — billed as a sign of independence or a personal reward: women around the world are falling for this latest trend in jewellery. Ranging in price from £49 sterling silver styles to upwards of £5000, women will enjoy wearing this jewellery.

There are a lot of bezel set styles that are very comfortable to wear. The rings are well made, and while trendy, have an air of elegance. A right-hand ring is distinctly different from a left-hand ring. The fit is different to accommodate the way the webbing between the fingers is different on each hand. But a right-hand ring also makes a different statement.

Styles, settings and the size of the diamonds involved are more fun, more flirty. They incorporate vintage elements and are definitely not a wedding or anniversary band. They get away from traditional solitaires.

Instead, a single diamond may be offset in an asymmetrical setting. It’s about being playful! And the sky’s the limit on what a women could spend on such a bauble.

Celebrities, however, are likely shopping in a higher price bracket. The four stars of “Sex and the City” all sported Fred Leighton ice on their right hands at a party to kick off the premiere of the final season of the HBO smash. Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Debra Messing, Cameron Diaz and Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham all have right-hand diamond rings. They’ve been spotted, too, on Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson and Sharon Stone.

Women around the globe are realizing they’re worth it! Splurge a little, live a little, sparkle a lot! Women work and can buy what they want. They can reward themselves. Right hand rings not only make a fashion statement, they celebrate independence and freedom. And men can buy them too, to show a woman he does appreciate her uniqueness!