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    [icon name=icon-check] Dedicated Bespoke Specialists
    [icon name=icon-check] Superior Handmade Craftsmanship
    [icon name=icon-check] Micro-setting Experts
    [icon name=icon-check] Ethically sourced GIA Diamonds
    [icon name=icon-check] Fairtrade Gold
    [icon name=icon-check] National Association of Jewellers
    [icon name=icon-check] Free UK Delivery
    [icon name=icon-check] Lifetime Guarantee
    [icon name=icon-check] Full Repair & Restoration Service
    [icon name=icon-check] VAT and Tax Free Shopping
  • Gemmological Labs


At Daniel Prince we do not stock readymade pieces because we specialise solely in bespoke jewellery, which means our entire business is based around private commissions.

Every jewel is custom designed and individually handcrafted to order especially for each client.

 If you are looking for mass-produced mediocrity you are in the wrong place

We encourage you to look around for ideas because we can incorporate many characteristics from different styles into a unique design for you. Get inspired by the myriad of coloured stone choices and setting styles.

We can take a design from a well known luxury brand and improve it or adapt it for your own individual requirements. Many of our clients take inspiration from famous high street jewellers such as Tiffany Engagement Rings or Debeers Engagement Rings, and want us to improve the design or adapt it for different shaped stones, or make it in an unusual metal combination.

Commissioning a bespoke engagement ring gives you the opportunity to stamp a little of your own individual personality and love into a truly unique and one-of-a-kind luxury piece of jewellery for that once in a lifetime event.