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Asscher Xprong Solitaire Ring

£8,000.00 (£8,000.00 inc VAT)

Asscher Xprong Solitaire Ring features a beautiful asscher cut diamond set in a handmade solid platinum. Asscher Cut diamonds look particularly good in this setting.

Metal 950 Platinum
Gemstone Asscher Diamond
Carat 1.14cts
Guide Price P.O.A.

Do You Like This Design?
This bespoke piece was commissioned by a customer. If you would like to buy something similar please enquire about this product.

Bespoke Asscher Xprong Solitaire Ring features a beautiful asscher cut diamond. Handcrafted in solid 950 platinum, the claws emerge from under the head to rise up and crossover to embrace the diamond.

We handpick every diamond to order for each client depending on your requirements and budget. Every Asscher Xprong Solitaire Ring is made and set to order entirely by hand using traditional jewellery-making techniques (hand fabrication); this method of manufacturing jewellery is a dying art in the UK because it requires a lot more skill and patience, but you end up with a far more durable and higher quality product in comparison to the majority of jewellery produced today using 3d printers and cheap cad/casting methods. As a consequence, we advise allowing up to 30 days for our Bespoke Asscher Lucida Solitaire because they are meticulously crafted from scratch, but the higher quality is definitely worth the wait!

All diamonds accompanied by independent laboratory certificates from GIA