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Most women wouldn’t trust their man to pick out a pair of shoes let alone decide on an engagement ring design. Secretly most women know what type of ring they would like but most men often miss the subtle hints and often confuse what they like with what their girlfriend actually wants!

So whether you are reluctant to commit to a bespoke design or you have simply run out of time, we have the perfect solution!.

Choose and pay for the loose diamond only and we will then mount it in a simple 9kt readymade ring for FREE!. The ring comes presented in the exact same box and packaging as our normal bespoke rings but it gives you the option to present the diamond without having to commit to a bespoke design yourself right now. It also means you can bring your fiancée back to then allow her to become involved in the design of the actual bespoke ring at a later date. Some of our clients have also opted to have a design sketch prepared to present along with the Proposal ring.

You choose the diamond and we do the rest!

Return with your fiancée at a later date, to have the perfect bespoke ring designed and entirely handmade especially for your fiancée and her new diamond!

So you get all the thrill of providing something entirely unique for that special occasion whilst giving your partner the final choice in design. There is no risk of commissioning a design your partner will not like!

*photos courtesy of Euromounts