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We transformed an old ring and pendant into a stunning Dragonfly pendant

Jewellery Remodelling and Recycling old metal and gemstones is important to more and more of our clients, for environmental, sentimental and economic reasons. So many people have a box or drawer full of old jewellery that they have collected or inherited, but more often than not it stays there, unworn. But jewellery should be worn and enjoyed!

Working with our client’s old jewellery we can design and create new engagement ring and wedding ring sets, pendants, earrings, bracelets and brooches. Jewellery Remodelling can help to transform that family heirloom, or old jewellery that no longer suits your style, into an exciting new piece of jewellery.

We reshaped the head and used the side diamonds in the new shank, and coated it in yellow gold

We would love to help you transform an old piece of diamond jewellery and turn it into something exquisite that you will love for many more years to come and breathe new life into something you may have forgotten about. We can renovate and update an existing piece of jewellery, or use a collection of old or even broken jewellery to create something completely new and unique. At Daniel Prince we specialise in jewellery remodelling and custom design and can work with you in collaboration to design something entirely unique.

Come and visit us, or contact us by phone or email. We can discuss the type of piece that you would like to create. Once we’ve agreed a design, we will lovingly handcraft and remodel your existing jewellery into something special. Over the years we have worked with a number of clients to redesign and remodel their old jewellery. See our South Sea Pearl for one example of how we took the diamonds from the clients existing jewellery and combined it with a stunning south sea pearl bought whilst on holiday, to create a breathtaking engagement and matching wedding ring set, thus preserving the sentimental value within the new piece.

With a little creativity, we can help to rework some of your old jewellery items into fabulous new pieces that you will be proud to wear. Contact us for a free design consultation to discuss how we can create something new from your existing jewellery.

Jewellery should be adorned, it should be enjoyed and worn, don’t let it sit unused at home any longer, contact us now and let us revamp it!