Our Gemstones and Jewellery care guide will ensure that your Fine jewellery will bring years of wearing pleasure with proper care and cleaning, and occasional inspection by a professional jeweller. There are also some special precautions to take with more delicate gems like pearls and emeralds. Good common sense is your best guide, but this handy gemstones and jewellery care guide has some helpful tips to keep all your fine jewellery in tip-top shape.

Avoid wearing jewellery while in contact with household chemicals, such as chlorine bleach. They can discolour or damage your jewellery mountings. Take off your jewellery before doing rough manual work or playing sports. Stones could be jarred loose or chipped by a hard blow. When you’re not wearing your jewellery, be careful that pieces do not tumble against each other to avoid scratching or dulling. Ideally, store each piece in its own soft cloth pouch.

At least once a year, have a jeweller professionally clean and inspect your fine jewellery. Most jewellers offer cleaning and inspection as a complimentary service to give you a lifetime of wearing pleasure. At Daniel Prince of London we recommend twice-a-year cleaning and inspection to guarantee the workmanship of your purchase for life.