What better place to begin looking for inspiration for your own bespoke engagement ring Listed below are some of the most famous jewellers in London and around the world. Designers and makers of jewellery of exceptional beauty, instilled with an enduring quality of a bygone age, that adorns some of the most beautiful & discerning men and women from the world of fashion and entertainment (as well as the occasional royal!). We can design and handcraft a unique piece of bespoke jewellery based on any design, and can incorporate any design characteristic into something personalised just for you.

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This is a very pretty looking site from Cartier containing some exquisite pieces of jewellery. From the site you can browse their catalogue and look at their jewellery in full, glorious detail. Cartier are constantly updating their collections but the oldest designs are amongst the most popular still, and we have made many unique adaptations based on Cartier Style Rings, such as our 1895 Style Engagement Rings, and our classic Bespoke Diamond Halo Rings similar to the Cartier Destinée amongst others. You can save £000s by having bespoke jewellery made to match the same specification as Cartier. For example we recently made a Luxury Platinum Diamond Tennis Bracelet that costs £81,000 from Cartier (and is only available in white-Gold) and saved our client in excess of £50,000!!!


Tiffany have created a beautiful site here with some amazing imagery. Their site is very well designed and complements their jewellery extremely well. Tiffany literally created the modern engagement ring with their classic 6 claw solitaire, but they have added many other popular designs to their collection. At Daniel Prince we have adapted many Tiffany Style Engagement Rings and tailored them for our client’s personal requirements, including Lucida, Soleste and Etoile amongst many others.


Graff undoubtedly have some beautiful pieces of jewellery here on their easily navigable site. The design of the site makes it easy to browse their collections of bridal jewellery, including engagement rings and wedding rings, as well as their important pieces that run into millions! There is no facility to buy online so you’ll need to visit one of their stores. Their engagement ring styles are classic in nature, but nothing really stands out as unique.


An easy site to navigate from Bulgari featuring an extensive catalogue. You are able to buy their products online via selected retailers but not directly via their site, which seems rather outdated. Their bridal designs of engagement rings and wedding rings are typically quite gaudy and bulky, bordering on tasteless, with the Bulgari name featuring prominently on most pieces. We don’t get asked to adapt these designs very often for obvious reasons but we have made a unique adaptation of a Bulgari Torcello Style Engagement Ring.

Boodle & Dunthorne

A pretty simple site from Boodle and Dunthorne which enables you to view the whole of their catalogue. Some of the enlarged images are not as clear as on other sites but information on their pieces is readily available and prices are included. You cannot make purchases online. They have a few notable unique designs, but all most are very reminiscent of other earlier designs from Cartier and Tiffany. We have made many unique Bespoke Boodles Style Rings based on some of their designs such as the Raindance Bubble Ring, as well as the Kiss and Vintage Halo style rings.

Mappin & Webb

Mappin and Webb have created a very easy to navigate site here and have included clear images of their products, although many of them appear to be CAD generated images rather than actual photographs (which is one of my pet hates!). Like Graffs, there is nothing notably unique with their engagement ring designs, they are all very classic in nature with names such as Belvedere and Alba etc. Some of their prices are extortionate considering the fact they seem to use H/Si1 as their standard diamond grade. Very poor offering in my opinion and you can easily pay half as much for the same specifications by having it bespoke and handmade-to-measure!

David Morris

David Morris began working as a goldsmith in the 1960’s and has been dedicated to bringing design dynamism to the British jewellery market ever since. Attracting fashionable socialites, clients from show business and discerning jewellery devotees with sophisticated international tastes. David Morris’ website is more like a waiting-room brochure, full of beautifully photographed unique jewellery pieces, but you’ll be disappointed if you’re searching for categories because there are none for either engagement rings or wedding rings. They headhunted one of our designers so I guess that’s a backhanded compliment!

Van Cleef & Arpels

V an Cleef & Arpels is a name with a long and illustrious history. A family endeavour from the beginning, with Charles, Julien and Louis Arpels, and brother-in-law Alfred Van Cleef, today Van Cleef & Arpels continues its proud tradition of designing and crafting distinguished, exclusive and truly elegant jewellery and watches found anywhere in the world. A beautifully designed site that is easy to navigate, with some classic and unique engagement and wedding ring designs.

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