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Choosing a wedding ring to match the engagement ring can be a bit of a minefield, especially as many modern diamond engagement rings are unique, they may not sit flush against a plain wedding band. It is much easier to buy an engagement ring and wedding ring together as a bridal ring set.

 Exquisite Bridal Sets designed and handmade in London

A bridal ring set includes an engagement ring and a wedding ring that are specifically designed from the beginning to complement each other so they can be worn together. Bridal ring sets are designed to be worn on the same finger and the rings can be designed to fit flush against eachother.

At Daniel Prince, we will design and handcraft elegant and exquisite bridal ring sets that perfectly complement each other. Be it plain bridal ring sets or ones with a diamond halo setting or unusual gemstones that match, we can help you design your engagement ring and wedding band bridal set.

If you would like a engagement ring and wedding ring bridal set, contact us now to arrange a free consultation.