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The cushion cut diamond engagement rings showcased here are all bespoke and handmade. This is just a small selection of cushion cut diamond ring styles and each one is handmade to order. There are hundreds ofsetting styles that look stunning with cushion cut diamonds, whether it be contemporary cushion cut rings in a plain solitaire style or something more elaborate like a vintage halo ring with small micropave diamonds

 High-End Diamond Rings 20% lower than Asprey, Tiffany and Boodles

Cushion cut diamond rings were very popular in the early 20th century and like most fashion styles, it keeps coming back. While it’s certainly not the most popular cut, the cushion cut diamond has an enduring beauty all of its own that will always be preferred by those who appreciate subtlety over bling.

Every Daniel Prince bespoke engagement ring is hand-forged from beginning to end. You can purchase any of the rings here in Platinum, Gold (9 or 18ct) or Palladium and we will handpick a selection of cushion cut diamonds to suit your individual requirements and / or your overall budget!

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The Cushion Cut is a generic name for the Old Mine Cut designed in the early 20th century. A cushion cut is a square or rectangular cut diamond with rounded corners, resembling a pillow shape, hence the name!


Cushion cut diamonds are very popular nowadays, but until recently, it was relatively difficult to find decent high quality Cushion Cut Diamonds for sale outside of auctions or estate sales. However, cushion cut diamonds are now enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks in no small part to popular designs such as the Tiffany Legacy Engagement Ring, Tiffany Novo Ringand Harry Winston Micropave Rings.

The cushion cut has a beautiful, subtle sparkle and refined look, like a combination of an Old Mine Cut (which has a deep pavillion and big bold facets) and a modern oval brilliant cut. The Cushion Cut shape is often referred to as the candlelight diamond (a clear reference to when the cut was first designed, before the age of electricity!).

Whilst not as lively as a modern round brilliant (which is designed to be symmetrical and reflect as much light as possible), the cushion cut has a refined and romantic appeal, with it’s subtle dance of colours and big bold flashes, and with larger bolder facets the cushion cut is more dispersive, and gives off a wonderful display as white light is seperated into the spectral colours, so you will most definately stand out from the crowd!