By Daniel Prince

History of Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden London Hatton Garden dates back to the 15th Century when Ely Palace in Holborn was the London residence of the bishops of Ely. Sir Christopher Hatton (1540-1591, pictured below), an English courtier, was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, from whom he received offices, honours, and land. Knighted in 1578, he acted as[…]

Diamond Comparison
By Daniel Prince

Diamond Comparison – The Fifth C

Diamond Comparison Before deciding upon a specific stone, its very important to perform a Diamond Comparison side by side, because you could end up paying more than you need to, for a stone that is lower quality than you are expecting! Whilst diamond certificates give all the gemmological information you need when doing diamond research, the grading  system could end[…]

By Daniel Prince

How to Buy a Diamond Guide

Buying a diamond is an exhilarating and unique experience. However, diamonds are like faces, they can be measured and defined in terms of colour and dimensions etc, but you cannot define beauty by statistics alone.