about-pearls-headVersatility means everything when it comes to keeping uptodate with trends in fashion these days. In this ever-changing world however, most people seem to agree on one thing: the appeal of pearls. Pearls attract and intrigue, with their sleek and modern allure, they remain popular with designers of both couture and casual wear.

 Nearly all of the pearls sold today are cultured!

A traditional gift for a 30th Wedding Anniversary. They are the perfect choice for any special occasion, as they represent purity, and modesty and are a symbol of lasting love and happiness.

Being organic gems that are classified as either Natural or Cultured. Until Kokichi Mikimoto first created cultured pearls in the late 19th century, all pearls were natural. Contrast that with today, when over 95% of world pearl production is cultured!

Natural Pearls

Natural pearls are found in both saltwater (gulfs, bays, seas, oceans) or freshwater (rivers, lakes etc). Formed inside living molluscs (oysters or mussels) when the mollusc attempts to protect itself from an irritant (either a parasite or some other invader). The layers of protection within the mollusc form what is called “nacre” (pronounced “NAY-KER”) and it is these layers which gives each pearl its subtle iridescent beauty.

Cultured Pearls

Form in pretty much the same way as natural pearls, apart from the fact that instead of a natural irritant, a small shell bead or a piece of mollusc tissue is manually introduced by a pearl farmer into the oyster or mussel instead. The only way to tell the difference between a natural or cultured pearl is with an x-ray!

Pearls are some of nature’s most beautiful creations, and natural pearls can be very expensive as a result of their rarity. Which is why nearly all of the pearls sold today are cultured. At Daniel Prince we give you the opportunity to own and enjoy these stunning gems of the sea. Choose from either Freshwater Pearls, Saltwater Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls or Tahitian. Whichever you choose, we’re sure they will be treasured forever.


The cultivation period of pearls range from six months to five years. Freshwater pearls have long culturing periods (2-5 years) as they are all nacre. Saltwater pearls are sometimes cultured for only 6 months; which results in a very thin nacre which does not last, so can be sold very cheaply due to the shorter investment.