History of the Tennis Bracelet

The History of Tennis Bracelets

chris evert and the history of the tennis bracelet

chris evert and the history of the tennis bracelet

Fine Diamond Tennis Bracelets are an timelessly-elegant piece of jewellery featuring a symmetrical line of diamonds, usually in a claw or bezel setting. We are often asked how this stunning diamond bracelet got its name, and whilst the layout and design has been around for many years, the Tennis Bracelet only really gained in popularity after an incident at the 1987 U.S Tennis Championships involving Chris Evert. During one of her matches, she was wearing an in-line (as they are often referred to) diamond bracelet and the clasp suddenly broke!

The match was suspended at her request, until she found her bracelet, and because of this one incident the in-line bracelet became known as a diamond Tennis Bracelet.

The designer of Chris’ bracelet, George Bedewi, became extremely popular within the jewellery industry and jewellers everywhere began creating similar bracelets with secure clasps and in-line diamonds. Serena Williams and others are now often seen sporting exquisite tennis bracelets in the years that followed. 

How to pick the perfect Tennis Bracelet?

Although the classic version of the tennis bracelet has round diamonds set in yellow gold, there are many different combinations of shapes and gemstones and metals you can now choose from. Rubies, Garnet or Sapphire and Emeralds, set in white gold or platinum… the choice is yours!

When you buy a tennis bracelet, make sure to take into consideration your wrist size. If you have a smaller wrist, a more delicate bracelet with smaller diamonds would look best. Those who have larger wrists or arms should choose bolder bracelets with larger stones. For this particular design of bracelet it’s very important to make sure they aren’t too loose otherwise they may snag. Those that are too tight can pinch or stretch so getting the perfect fit is important.

Don’t forget that you can always contact us, to make an appointment to come in if you wish to get the perfect measurements and sizes.

A diamond tennis bracelet should always include a safety clasp to keep your bracelet, firmly and securely on your wrist, just in case the original clasp opens accidentally or worse (like Chris Evert’s… BREAK!). Most Diamond Tennis Bracelets will come equipped with this feature, and all the Tennis bracelets we create come with a safety clasp.

We have a wide range of designs available, so if you are interested in our bracelets, be sure to browse our selection of Fine Diamond Tennis Bracelets online or contact us to arrange a free consultation. Everything we create is handmade to order and tailored for you and your budget, and as we are the manufacturers you can save a substantial amount compared to high street jewellers!