Contemporary Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

We designed this unique ring to accommodate a stunning Fancy Intense Yellow Asscher-Cut Diamond. Presented as a gift to our clients daughter, the final piece was a stunning contemporary right hand ring.

Contemporary Platinum Yellow Diamond Ring

Contemporary Platinum Yellow Diamond Ring









Fancy Yellow Diamonds usually come in cushion or oval cut, its very rare that you find them in step-cut (emerald cut or asscher) because the stone often looks washed out or pale yellow. This beautiful stone was an exceptional example of a fancy intense yellow diamond, deep rich hues of yellow, accentuated by the concentric facets of the Asscher Cut.












Very simple, yet with a timeless elegance, one of my favourite pieces this year!

Bench Made by Hand in solid 950 Platinum, this mouthwatering piece of art was tailored for our clients requirements and budget. If you are interested in having something similar handmade to order especially for you or your loved one, then visit our website for more information or call us direct on +44 (0)207 831 4258 and we would be delighted to help.