Your Six Steps to a Fabulous Creation

We are passionate about the quality of our jewellery. Our craftsmanship is meticulous and follows the century-old traditions of jewellery making. Our Philosophy is simple; Meet clients personally to discuss concepts and gain insights into style and budget considerations and offer transparent, comparable information to empower our clients to do their due dilligence, because the perfect engagement ring does not exist in a display, it is custom made with you, for you!

1. Design

Sketch of Diamond RingSketch of Diamond Ring

From the first ideas and concepts or rough sketches to the exquisite detail of a gouache drawing, the proposed jewellery design comes to life like a little work of art.

Our unique custom jewellery design service is innovative and highly personalised, teamed with an astute ability to translate your individual requirements into reality. With decades of combined experience working for some of the best jewellery companies in the world including Cartier and Graffs, Our craftsmen can help bring your dream vision to life. You can be involved in each step in the process, from design to completion, allowing you to discuss changes along the way, so the final jewel evolves through a process of collaboration to ensure it is as unique as you.

Whether you have a rough design on a matchbox or photo from a magazine or website, we can use this as the basis of a unique design, tailored to your individual requirements and / or budget. Contact us to discuss how we can bring your dream vision to reality!

2. Stone Selection

Gemstone SearchSourcing a diamond or gemstone

Each certified diamond and natural coloured gemstone is handpicked according to the individual requirements and budget of every client. We scrutinise each stone to ensure it complies with stringent quality criteria as outlined by GIA and each gem is assessed for a combination of cut and brilliance, ensuring that we only select those stones that have the fire, scintillation and unique character demanded by our discerning clientele.

We handpick diamonds based on three simple principles


Prices vary widely even when stones appear to have identical 4Cs. We identify the best combination of Carat Weight, Colour and Clarity that we think will best optimise your budget. Highlight the diamonds that will give you the "best bang for your buck!"


We are not a diamond merchant, so we do not own any of the diamonds that we ultimately recommend to you. We find them, and we only propose the diamonds that we would buy for ourselves. We have an extensive network of contacts in the diamond trade and we search far and wide from Antwerp to New York to Israel, from any ethical source, to find you the perfect selection of stones from which to make your final choice.

Uncompromising Standards

We source diamonds primarily certified by the Gemmological institute of America (GIA), but occasionally if the opportunity presents itself and we find a diamond that ticks all the boxes, we have no problems proposing diamonds certified by HRD of Antwerp or AGS of America as either of these institutions have proven to be as diligent in their grading as the GIA. We do not propose stones certified by IGI or EGL unless specifically requested to do so.

and finally, we recommmend the best 3 stones by beauty!

3. Mounting

Jewellery MountingJewellery Mounting

This is where the skill of the goldsmith allows the jewel to take shape. It takes great skill and years of experience plus many hours to finely handcraft each mounting from beginning to end, starting with raw metal wire or sheet. Made especially for each individual gemstone to create the perfect mount for a unique stone. The work of true artists, it involves individually shaping and making fine adjustments to house each gemstone perfectly (no one-size-fits-all cast mounts are used!).

At Daniel Prince we works closely with each customer, discussing each and every detail of the design to ensure our craftsman will execute the design precisely as discussed. Our bespoke engagement rings are not your typical halo, solitaire, three- and five- stone commercial designs because they represent a unique design philosophy in the pursuit of perfecting a delicate balance between the practical use of metal with a desire to show off each gemstone to its full potential. Every custom-made engagement ring comes with a courtesy insurance valuation certificate and our Lifetime Warranty.

4. Setting

Diamond SettingDiamond Setting

The positioning and balance of every gemstone will not tolerate even the tiniest of imperfections. At Daniel Prince, our craftsmen draw on centuries-old tradition of fine jewellery making techniques to ensure that when setting a stone, the metal becomes invisible to show off the gemstone to its vibrant best. Painstakingly shaping individual prongs to elevate the gemstone's natural radiance.

It is precisely because each jewel needs such individual attention and consummate expertise that it can truly be considered a unique Daniel Prince piece and is the sign of the finest of handmade settings.

5. Polishing

Jewellery PolishingJewellery Polishing

Each jewel is polished and cleaned before being boxed, ready for collection or delivery. It undergoes three polishing stages to ensure its optimum brilliance. Using a High jewellery technique, the metal is hand-polished with various brushes and linen fibre, even down to the hidden surfaces on the underside and inbetween prongs. As with all pieces of jewellery, the care taken at this stage will enhance its final brilliance and allows the precious metal to shine through, complementing diamonds and gemstones.

6. Quality

Jewellery Quality CheckJewellery Quality Check

Under the expert eye of our workshop manager, no compromise is made when it comes to seeking perfection. At each stage of production, each bespoke engagement ring undergoes a rigorous inspection under 10x magnification, to ensure that our exacting standards are maintained for each and every jewel.